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How Will Healthcare Change in the Post-Pandemic World?

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed how the world functions drastically. Almost every industry has introduced transformations and updates to their regular operations to be able to keep with the times. The healthcare sector is no different. Analysts and industry experts believe that the healthcare sector will be subject to more changes in the years to come as a result of the pandemic. What are these changes that can be expected? We try to predict below.

Nursing Homes and Assisted Living Facilities Will Encourage Virtual Visits

Patients admitted to nursing homes and individuals who had signed themselves into assisted living facilities can expect to meet their friends and family virtually. In-person visits were stopped after the pandemic situation was announced and is unlikely to be allowed anytime soon. Most nursing home residents suffer from weaker immunity than the regular person, and allowing guests to visit them from outside the facility will only be putting them at infection risk.

Assisted facilities will also report fewer admissions as individuals tend to admit themselves voluntarily into them. In the wake of the Novel Coronavirus pandemic, these people will no longer feel safe to sign up for a community living space such as assisted healthcare facilities.

More Clinics Will Adopt and Integrate Telemedicine Services

Telemedicine allows people quick and convenient access to medical care and advice. It enables doctor-patient interaction without actually having to meet in person. Patients can consult with their primary healthcare provider using the telemedicine option from their own comfort. They are saved the hassle of commuting all the way to the clinic.

While many clinics had already begun to offer telemedicine to their clients, the pandemic situation will encourage many others to. A telemedicine facility can be expected to become a medical mainstay. Healthcare services such as dental check-ups and counseling sessions can be easily held over video conferencing.

We, at Phoenix Family Medical Clinic, are currently offering telemedicine options for all our clients. If you are feeling under the weather and would like to consult a general physician, call/email us anytime to fix up your telemedicine appointment.

Drive-by Pharmacy Pickup and Point-of-care Testing

The Novel Coronavirus is expected to linger around in our environment for a while now, even after the immediate infection risk has subsided. Keeping this in mind, medical facilities and healthcare providers will have to devise ways to offer their services while following adequate social distancing and hygiene norms.

Drive-by pharmacies would prevent overcrowding and flouting of social distancing at pharmacy stores. Chronic illness patients would benefit from drive-by point-of-care testing facilities being set up. Perhaps, we will witness the development of both.

Society Will Push for a Stronger Healthcare System

The COVID-19 pandemic led to the collapse of established healthcare systems in developed countries, with hospitals running out of beds to accommodate patients and worse. Hopefully, the post-pandemic world will witness society rally to demand stronger healthcare systems capable of withstanding the brunt of future pandemics. If countries gave up their isolationist policies and unified to develop a strong global healthcare system, all of humanity would stand to gain from the approach. We can also expect the health and wellness sector to integrate further with smart technology, benefiting AI, and machine learning like never before.