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Suffering From Migraines? Here Are Some Simple Things You Can Try

Migraines are usually far worse than regular headaches and are typically accompanied by many debilitating symptoms like discomfort, nausea, as well as heightened sensitivity to loud sounds and lights.

If you’ve got a throbbing headache that doesn’t seem to go even if you visit a family doctor or family clinic, it is actually a migraine. People often use the terms “migraine” and “headache” interchangeably but the 2 are actually quite different, with migraines occurring with greater intensity.

If you’re fed up of suffering from migraines and can’t seem to find the relief you need no matter how much you try, you can try out these simple things and see the difference. Be sure to consult your family doctor before self-medicating though.

Application of hot/cold compress

This stimulates nerve endings in the region where the compress is applied and detracts the brain from experiencing the migraine.

Keep yourself hydrated

It is important to stay hydrated if you want to make sure that your migraine doesn’t cause you to end up in an urgent care clinic. Not drinking enough water will only dehydrate you and dehydration has been found to be linked to migraine headaches.

Work out

It may seem like a bad idea to put yourself through strenuous activity when you’re experiencing a migraine, but it has been found to be extremely effective in warding off migraines. Exercise helps to reduce stress and increases the blood flow throughout the body. Feel good hormones are also released when we work out that can lower the occurrence of a migraine.

Practise mindfulness meditation

Stress can be a huge contributing factor for migraines and make the situation a lot worse. Practising mindfulness meditation will allow you to disengage with all that is happening around you and reconnect with your inner self. You should also practise other types of stress management such as deep breathing, muscle relaxation, and more.

Be in a quiet, dark room

Migraines can be triggered by loud noises and light. You want to make sure you are in a dark room that is free from distractions and loud noises if you want to reduce the occurrence of a migraine attack. You can even massage your temples gently, just make sure it’s actually helping you. Some people with greater sensitivity may actually experience more severe migraines if they massage their forehead.

Pay attention to what you eat

Certain foods like caffeine, chocolate, and alcohol can act as trigger foods, bringing the onset of a migraine attack. Makes sure you don’t skip meals as this will only make your migraine worse and eat consistently at around the same time daily.

Make sure you have a healthy sleep cycle

Get into a regular sleep cycle where you go to bed and get up at the same time. You should also avoid using digital devices just before going to sleep as the blue light from these devices has been shown to decrease the duration of REM sleep. Try to minimize such distractions and cultivate healthy behaviours like reading a book or taking a warm bath before bed.

Monitor your migraines using a diary

This will help you identify your triggers and have a better understanding of your migraines so that you can take control of them.

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