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Should You Get a Coronavirus Test?

The Novel Coronavirus could be breeding inside your body right this moment without your knowledge. How is this possible? Well, there have been ample asymptomatic cases of the COVID-19 infection registered for this to be an actual possibility. So, when do you know is the right time to get yourself tested for the virus?

With the increase in accessibility of these test kits, testing yourself for COVID even without reporting to any of the common associated symptoms is now possible. In the early days of the Pandemic, only individuals with a history of cross-country travel from areas of reported Coronavirus cases were being tested due to a shortage of test kit availability. Now that access to these test kits has improved, should you go ahead and get yourself checked for the COVID infection? We suggest you consult your doctor or medical caregiver.

CDC Guidelines for Testing for Coronavirus

The Centre for Disease Control had earlier released guidelines suggesting clinics and hospitals follow a priority system when checking people for the COVID infection. If you find that you meet the symptoms identified for the Coronavirus infection or at least display one of them, you would be prioritized for a COVID check-up. Similarly, the following people to have been advised to be checked first –

  • Those who work in a healthcare facility
  • Those who are already admitted to a hospital facility
  • First responders
  • Individuals who work or live in a crowded environment

Besides these people and those who report symptoms of being infected with the Coronavirus, you can also get yourself checked for the virus conveniently if deemed appropriate by medical authorities.

We Can Refer You for the Coronavirus Test

While we, at Phoenix Family Medical Clinic, are not yet conducting COVID-19 testing due to lack of sufficient PPE for our staff, we are offering telemedicine sessions. You can call or email us to discuss more your health and any disease-related symptoms that you might be suffering from. We can refer you to a medical facility authorized to carry out the Novel Coronavirus testing on you. We expect you to be entirely honest when you communicate to us about any fever and respiratory problems that you might be currently experiencing. You don't want to delay testing for COVID if you find yourself already reporting a couple of the Coronavirus infection-related symptoms.

What Will the Outcome Be?

If you test positive on your Novel Coronavirus test but are not showing any symptoms, you will most likely be asked to self-isolate at home. It would mean that you probably got tested at the right time and are an asymptomatic carrier of the virus. Asymptomatic carriers are at the risk of actually being pre-symptomatic i.e., they are yet to develop symptoms for the Coronavirus infection. According to CDC guidelines, asymptomatic patients who do not display any symptoms even after testing positive for the virus can end their self-isolation after ten days. Perhaps, you were sick earlier, did not realize it, and are on the road to recovery. The Coronavirus testing being performed today is not yet as accurate as researchers, and medical practitioners would like it to be. Even individuals who test negative on these test kits could be carrying the contagion. The only reliable way we know to prevent yourself from getting infected is to practice social distancing at all times. Good luck, and stay safe.