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Why Back Pain May Become Worse While Sleeping?

If you frequently suffer from pain during night time, it can lead to a negative cycle. Since the terrible pain would hamper your sleep, its absence can slow down your body's natural healing process. In fact, this process may even stop altogether. Moreover, if there is a complete absence of sleep or your sleep gets highly curtailed, the coping skill 8f your body also gets curtailed to a great extent.

Since the rehabilitation process of your body can get affected due to lack of sleep, there could be a big increase in the effect of your back pain. Hence, it is really crucial for you to concentrate on ways of easing your back pain while you lie down at night time. Very often, you may even suffer from anxiety due to pain at night time. This may be also accompanied by other emotions like severe worries. You may have also read that night pain can get worse in serious pathological conditions. It is interesting to note that even your kids' toothache gets worse at night time. Do not feel that your child is purposely feigning pain at night so that you have a sleepless night.

Correlation between inflammation and pain at night

Do these cases indicate that there is a direct correlation between inflammation and night? The reason for your pain getting worse at night is that while you rest, your rate of metabolism and blood circulation slow down. As such, there is an increase in inflammatory pain. The above explanation pinpoints the importance of proper diagnosis and checking to manage your back pain at night in a holistic manner. When you neglect yourself even when you are unable to sleep at night time due to your back pain, chances are that you could be overlooking a sinister condition. You could also be unnecessarily extending your time period of rehabilitation. So, in case if your back pain is interfering with your sleep at night, seek an opinion from an expert as soon as possible.

Symptoms of back pain while sleeping

  • Despair and panic are two of the common outcomes of symptoms associated with neck and back pain while asleep.
  • One of the symptoms at night that are related to back problems is when the lower back pain on one side is worse than the other.
  • Other symptoms include intermittent numbness on lower leg and sensation of pins and needles in both legs or either of them.
  • Another frequent symptom is pins and needles sensation in both the hands.
  • Many people complain that they suffer from worse symptoms when they adopt a particular position or posture while sleeping. For instance, people who suffer from pain in their lower right back often claim that their pain worsens when they sleep on their backs or even on their right. However, it is easier when they sleep on the left side. The explanation for this is it happens due to your injury's mechanical nature. When you lie down in a posture, which compresses your damaged body part, you are bound to feel hurt and pain. On the other hand, when you are sleeping in a posture that does not hurt your damaged part; you won't feel pain while sleeping. But even after changing your postures, if your pain does not reduce at night, you should seek medical attention as quickly as possible for proper diagnosis, investigation, and treatment.

    Another condition that needs immediate medical attention is when symptoms disappear at daytime but return at night. Though such symptoms could be due to mechanical reasons, they could also indicate more severe conditions or pathologies. Though the latter may not be always true, it is always better to seek the opinion of an expert.

    Insomnia and back pain are both uncomfortable health problems. The friendly family doctors at Phoenix Family Medical Clinic can help. We are a no-insurance medical clinic that accepts walk-ins at our locations in Ahwatukee (East Valley), Central Phoenix, South Phoenix (Laveen), and Surprise (West Valley). Visit us today, and see how we can help!