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5 Things You Should Know About Birth Control

An unwanted pregnancy can send you rushing to your family doctor at the family clinic in stress. Birth control or contraception is an effective way to avoid unwanted pregnancies and enjoy a healthy sex life without stressing out. While no method of contraception is 100% effective in preventing pregnancy, birth control is a good way to keep yourself protected and avoid ending up in an urgent care clinic.

Here are 5 things you should know about birth control.

There’s more than one type

While you may be familiar with birth control pills, these aren’t the only birth control options available today. Hormonal as well as non-hormonal contraceptive options exist today. Birth control pills work to prevent pregnancy by stopping ovulation in the body. Hormonal patches are another option for birth control and can be attached onto the skin to release hormones.

An implant may also be used under the skin of the arm to release progestin and suppress ovulation. A hair tie shaped ring can also be inserted into the vagina as a birth control measure. A progestin based injection is another type of birth control measure you can use which is normally effective for 3 months. Hormone free intrauterine devices can also be used after surgical insertion into the cervix. There is also a non-hormonal gel that can be inserted into the vagina before sex to change the vagina’s pH level and prevent pregnancy.

You have to be consistent

Birth control needs to be done consistently, especially if you’re using oral contraceptives. It’s important that you remember to take it each day so that your hormone levels are regulated. Missing one or two days isn’t acceptable. You may not end up getting pregnant but you could experience several side effects if you skip even a day on your cycle.

If you do miss taking your birth control pill however, be sure not to double up on the dosage the next time. This could seriously harm your body. Instead, make use of some secondary form of birth control for one week after.

You still need a condom

Birth control methods can do a lot of good but they can’t protect you against sexually transmitted diseases. A condom is necessary to do this. Unless you’re in a monogamous relationship and both you and your partner have tested negative for sexually transmitted infections, make sure you use a condom during sex.

The benefits go beyond just birth control

Birth control methods aren’t just used by women to prevent unwanted pregnancies. They also offer a range of other benefits for women. Birth control pills in particular, can reduce acne by lowering androgen levels in the body. They also offer relief from menstrual cramps and can reduce hair growth on the chest and chin.

It won’t permanently lower your sex drive

While some people may experience a lower sex drive soon after using their birth control, these side effects are temporary and will wear off soon. You don’t have to worry about any permanent reduction in your sex drive.

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