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How to Prepare for a COVID Winter?

The flu season is around the corner, and winter is coming. As the Novel Coronavirus pandemic continues to carry on relentlessly, affecting millions of people around the world every day, we must prepare ourselves for a COVID winter. The double threat of common flu and COVID-19 is about to make matters much worse for many people. How can you keep yourself safe in such a situation? We tell you below.

Steps to Help Ready Yourself for a COVID Winter

The following steps do not provide a foolproof solution from contracting the Novel Coronavirus infection, but they do better your chances at keeping yourself safer from infection risk –

  • Come to terms with reality – Yes, all of us had been hoping that the pandemic situation would have stabilized by now, but it no longer seems probable. A vaccine for prevention or cure will not magically appear anytime in the immediate future. It is better for your mental health if you think practically and reason with yourself about the reality of the pandemic situation.
  • Accept that there might be shutdowns again – Most countries are currently experiencing or showing signs of an oncoming second wave of the Novel Coronavirus infection. In other words, if the situation had been improving before, they are beginning to relapse again. Governments might decide to enforce mandatory shutdowns of public institutions and infrastructure again. As such, it will help brace for such changes to occur than feel helpless when they do.
  • Make changes to your annual holiday traditions – Don't plan the gift-opening ceremony around the fireplace this year if you cannot manage adequate social-distancing between friends and family. You may have to prepare for a lowbrow holiday season this year, but at least it will keep you alive for the next.
  • Proactively look for active cases in your vicinity – Search out the virus so you can avoid it. Suppose you can inform yourself about the commonly affected areas in your locality. In that case, you are better prepared to avoid the infection by keeping yourself away from these neighborhoods when you venture out of your house.
  • Keep yourself updated with your annual flu shots – Even if you skip your annual flu shots every other year and so, don’t miss it this year. Visit your healthcare provider and have your annual flu shot administered. You may even choose to receive a pneumonia shot.
  • Follow the rules you have been following for so long – Yes, you have been following strict hygiene safety and social distancing norms for the most part of the year and have probably grown tired now. It is natural human behavior. However, this does not mean that you nullify the good work by giving up on them now? Keep wearing your mask outdoors, wash your hands frequently, and maintain a distance of 6-ft with other people at all times.

This Too Shall Pass

We understand if you are frustrated with the pandemic situation and its lack of improvement. So are we. However, sometimes you have to make peace that some things are simply not under our control. The best we can do then is persevere. Like all things, the COVID-19 pandemic too will pass. In the meantime, we urge you to stay strong and reach out to us at Phoenix Family Healthcare Clinic for a telemedicine appointment if you feel any flu-like symptoms rearing its head in your body.