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How to Manage Your Stress and Depression during the Pandemic

Pandemics are stressful – there are now two ways about it. The world as you knew it undergoes major changes whenever the widespread outbreak of any disease occurs, and people try to cope with and adjust to these unplanned for changes. Such rapid and uncontrollable changes to the life you were accustomed to can easily overwhelm you and make you feel anxious and in despair.

Public health norms enforced during the COVID- 19 health crisis such a social distancing can enhance this festering feeling of loneliness and isolation. You might be worried about your and your love one’s health, potential loss of livelihood, experience worsening of moods, be subject to difficulties with your sleep and appetite and so on. Feeling depressed is a perfectly normal response to such stressful times. However, you can help yourself and strenghten your community’s well-being by learning how to manage this anxiety and depression you feel.

We will discuss healthy ways for you to cope with your stress and depression, as triggered by the novel Coronavirus pandemic. However, if you find that the tips and suggestions we provide are not sufficiently helping you cope with your distress, we strongly advise you to seek out professional help.

Phoenix Family Medical Clinic is open for telemedicine sessions and you can book yourself an appointment to discuss any negative emotions that you might be experiencing as a result of the ongoing pandemic. We can acquaint you with effective coping techniques which will enable you to keep your emotions and moods in control and sail through this rough patch as smoothly as possible.

Remember – The Times Call for Social Distancing, Not Emotional Distancing

Yes, we might not be able to meet all our friends and embrace them, as we would on meeting them after a long duration, in the pre-coronavirus pandemic world. However, this does not mean that we fall out of contact with them. We can text them, call them or even videochat with them. It is important to have social support to fall back on, in times of stress. Emotionally connecting and nurturing your connection with friends and family will make you feel less alone and depressed. All of us are struggling to make sense of this new world brought about by the Coronavirus pandemic. Interacting and communicating with each other and talking your worries out can have immense benefits on your mood and overall mental well-being.

Don’t Give in To Bad Habits; Try to Follow a Routine

Yes, it is a stressful time and your sleep schedule and appetite is bound to get affected. Yet, this does not mean that you completely give up on your daily routine. Try to maintain your old routine as much as possible. Don’t give in to always checking up on pandemic-related news and disconnect from all devices when preparing for bed. Eat healthy and keep a check on your smoking and alcohol consumption. You don’t want to lower your immune proficiency when an infectious disease pandemic is underway. Exercise frequently and cultivate a meditation routine for stress-busting.

When you follow these tips, you should notice a significantly positive change upon your mental and emotional state. It is crucial that we think positive and try to stay optimistic. After all, there’s always light at the end of every tunnel.