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Toxic Habits That Worsen Depression

Depression can be debilitating. It's a disease like any other that can be treated with proper medication and therapy. A person suffering from depression may feel so overwhelmed by the negativity that they may be blinded to the fact that they're still in control of affecting changes in their life. Shuffling up the routine and inculcating positive habits can help reduce depression. Similarly, giving in or sticking to certain habits can make your depression even worse, no matter how comforting they seem at the time. These habits are instant fixes, but we all know there are no quick fixes to life. So, what are these habits? Let's identify a few of them below –

  • Getting too much of or too little sleep – Depressed people tend to lie around on their bed all day in an attempt to escape the world. It does more harm than good. Sure, the idea of self-care may seem far fetched when all you want to do is sleep the day away. But it’s important to get out of bed, get dressed and maintain proper hygiene. Even 5 minutes of sunshine can do wonders for your mood.
  • Constantly replaying things gone wrong from the past in your head – A common sign of worsening depression is ruminating. A depressed individual keeps evaluating their past for mistakes they've made, that could have been avoided and beats themselves up about these. While sometimes, this cannot be helped without the intervention of professionals – you can at least try to check yourself every time you feel getting carried away to that space.
  • Distancing yourself from toxic people – No mood disorder was ever helped by being around friends and family who make you feel lesser about yourself, or guilt you for the symptoms over which you have no control.
  • Stressing yourself out – It’s okay to take a step back from topics and situations that stress you out when you’re suffering from depression. Give yourself a break. Stressing out will only make your depression worse by heightening your cholesterol levels and reducing your serotonin and dopamine level.
  • Isolating yourself – Depression can make you feel worthless and zap you out of energy. Interacting with people may easily exhaust you but don't cut regular communication off entirely. Humans are social animals, and we need to be in touch with other people to feel reassured of our place in the world. When you shut people out, you're not doing any good for your depression or yourself.
  • Eating unhealthy – Our diet can negatively impact our mental health. Highly processed food and food rich in sugar can increase depression and anxiety among women.
  • Drinking and smoking – Drinking and smoking may make you feel better in the moment but both leave long-lasting effects on your mental well being.


Depression can feel like free falling into a dark hole without any support to stop you from falling. That is just an illusion created by your own mind. Your mind is under your control. Stay away from these toxic habits and you are bound to feel better eventually.