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Let’s Fight the Common Cold Together

The weather is cooling down and common colds may be just around the corner. We typically do not provide medication or antibiotics for the common cold, but hope is not lost! There are a few proven methods of fighting the common cold to restore your health quickly – or prevent illness altogether.


Not only has sleep been the best proven method of recovering fast from a common cold, but it is also a critical part of recovery for virtually any illness. Rest is essential to all of our bodily functions. Cozying up on the couch is a great way to rest, but try to schedule an early bedtime as well and allow yourself time to sleep in the next morning. There is no substitute for deep sleep.

Hot Shower

Take a hot shower or bath to reduce symptoms. Allowing the steam to moisten a dry throat and relieve a stuffy nose are keys to feeling better from a common cold. The heat also relaxes the ache of muscles. Some people choose to hang eucalyptus branches from the shower head to help clear the sinuses as well. While it may not be a cure, these tips can ease the misery of the common cold.


Staying hydrated is essential. Orange juice is a great fluid that provides vitamin C and other critical vitamins your body needs to recover. It also helps in flushing out toxins. Consider drinking hot beverages like tea that can sooth the throat. Avoid drinking coffee, which can irritate the throat, or adding milk to your drinks, which can increase mucus production. Above all, water is imperative to getting over the common cold. Water can help thin mucus and aids in getting rid of congestion. The benefits are endless, so drink up!

Tips and Tricks

  • Soak Up Some Vitamin D: Many common colds can occur in part due to a lack of vitamin D. Even though we are in Phoenix, you still may not be getting enough vitamin D. We recommend spending 15 minutes in the sun each day with sun protectant skin products. You could also purchase supplements, which may help restore your health.
  • Use Essential Oils: Eucalyptus oil holds countless benefits. Drop a few drops of eucalyptus oil into a diffuser and let the magic take place. It works as a powerful decongestant and can even kill cold germs in the process.
  • Try a Spoonful of Manuka Honey: It is little-known that adding Manuka honey to hot tea or oatmeal can fight infection and even act as an antibacterial. Remember that this tip is for adults only; children under 12 months of age should not consume honey.

There is no prescription to cure the common cold, but it can still be treated. We value health and want to make sure you are always feeling your best. If your common cold turns into something more, do not hesitate to make an appointment at our local Phoenix Family Medical Clinic or feel free to walk in!