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Obese patients are more likely than other patients to have advanced, aggressive forms of papillary thyroid cancer when they're diagnosed with the disease, a new study has found.

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Sexual dysfunction afflicts 43% of women compared to 31% of men. Yet the only sexual enhancement commercials you see on TV are those promoting drugs to treat male erectile dysfunction.

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You want your elderly loved one to live a meaningful and independent life. And you especially don't want something like a trip-and-fall to take this away from them. Even if the fall doesn't cause a physical injury, your loved one's confidence in his or her ability to live independently will likely suffer. So this week on the Griswold Blog, we're going to give you the three risk factors for falling and the preventative tips to mitigate those risks.

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Medical treatments are often quoted as being at the cutting edge of technology in pursuit of human comfort and longevity. But, the local doctor's offices are often seen as "conservative" and not open to technology whether it be using paper charts or booking appointments only through fax or phone.

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