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Can Surgery Improve Your Neck Pain?

Are you contemplating surgery for your neck pain? A major concern for you could be of the surgical procedure can make the symptoms even worse. But, often, surgery around the neck or a cervical spine surgery is known to have impressive success rates. However, no surgery means freedom from some risk.

One of the possible issue as is applicable for any type of surgery is to first make sure whether you are a fit candidate for such a procedure or not. When your surgeon can diagnose the problem accurately, there are favorable chances for its success. Plus, the risk associated with your persistent neck pain can be significantly reduced.

WIs it a sensible decision for you to opt for a surgery to reduce your neck pain?
The purpose of a successful cervical spindle surgery is to alleviate compression from a nerve, which could be causing you sensations such as weakness, burning, tingling or pain from the neck and to correct the problem of instability. On several occasions, such signs may even migrate into your hands and the shoulder.

In order to get a reply on if going for a neck surgery is apt for you or not, the following two questions need to be addressed:

Are the symptoms of your neck pain reducing your quality of life to a great extent? Neck pain itself can be pretty agonizing as the sharp pain you feel can lower the range of motion for your head while interfering with your regular activities. But, your doctor may not consider surgery for you until the signs aggravate further with compression of cervical nerve root leading to pain, weakness and numbness spreading in other regions of the body such as hand and arm. They may also consider for a surgery when the spinal cord gets compressed thereby leading to issues with bowel or bladder functioning, problems with walking or coordination.

Has a surgeon diagnosed a problem that can be corrected related to your symptoms? In case, medical imaging like MRI detects a problem with your spinal chord, which is compressing it or the nerve root in a way that is matching your symptoms. a surgery could be inevitable for you, For instance, when a herniated disc or a bone spur pushing against your spinal cord or a nerve root is the cause for such symptoms, a surgery can be performed for removal of the cause of that compression and enable space for your cord or/and nerve(s) to heal.

Assessing the risks and merits of a neck surgery

If you are suffering from a chronic neck pain, which can of be associated with nerve compression or spinal instability, your doctor may advice you to go ahead with your nonsurgical and non evasive treatments like medication as required, cold packs, steroid injections at times, heat therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy and physical therapy.

When your orthopedic surgeon has managed to verify the cause of your neck pain due to a nerve root getting compressed in the spinal cord or because of a spinal instability, the possibilities for a successful surgery gets significantly improved. It is particularly true when you develop hand and arm symptoms apart from your neck pain.

Get your neck checked by an expert at Phoenix Family Medical Clinic to be better aware about the health of your neck.