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Natural Remedies for Depression

Depression is a disease, and like any disease, you should seek treatment for it. You can get through it with the help of proper treatment and medication. But there are little changes that you can affect onto your lifestyle that will help your depression immensely. Changing your line of thought, your behavioral patterns and the amount of activity you get daily can have a significant bearing on your feelings of helplessness and dejection. Let's look at some ways in which you can make yourself feel better naturally despite being diagnosed with clinical depression –

  • Try to get to the root of your sadness – What really is getting you down? As yourself this. Depression is often oversimplified as a biochemical imbalance in your brain. Try to be honest with yourself and come to terms with what has been leading you to feel this low. Unless you do this, you won’t be able to eradicate your depression.
  • Follow a routine – Mental health experts stress on how important routine is for a depressed individual. Depression feels like one day leading into the next without any purpose or motive. When you fix yourself a routine, you give yourself certain goals and tasks to accomplish throughout the day that give some meaning to your everyday.
  • Get moving – Exercising is a tried and tested way to improve your mood. It gives you an endorphin rush and has been scientifically verified to be beneficial for depressed people in the long term. Also, you tend to let go of your health as you become more and more depressed. When you work out regularly and notice the positive effects it has on your body, you feel inspired and self-confident.
  • Eat your meals on time – Oscillating blood sugar levels can wreak havoc on your mood. Try to eat your meals at regular intervals to keep those mood swings at bay.
  • Eat healthily – Don’t binge-eat or stuff yourself with junk food simply because it makes you feel better temporarily. Practice eating plenty of fresh vegetables and food rich in Omega-3 fatty acids, which has been proven to help lift your mood.
  • Sleep – Don’t compromise on the amount of sleep you get. If you find it difficult to sleep at night, take daytime naps. Your depression may worsen if you do not get adequate rest.
  • Try to reason with your negative thoughts – Depression can pull down your self-esteem and make you feel unwanted. Whenever you find yourself face to face with negative thoughts, ask yourself logically if these thoughts make sense. Suppose you think so-and-so dislikes you, think over whether there is any concrete reason for you to think this way or if it is simply a trick your mind is playing on you.


Nobody is undermining the importance of medication and a professionally advised treatment plan for treating depression. However, the key to getting better really is to keep doing the things you used to enjoy before you became depressed. One day, you will find yourself beginning to enjoy them again.