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Do Aerobic Exercises Help to Ease Your Lower Back Pain?

Group aerobic exercise to relieve back pain

The moment back pain strikes you, the first step you tend to take is take complete rest and see how it works out. While it is not a bad idea for the first couple of days, taking rest for too long can actually aggravate your physical condition. You may find that your back pain has deteriorated after taking rest for a prolonged duration. Rather, instead of taking complete rest, you can go for those aerobic exercises that are of low-impact in nature. Such exercises may be useful for rehabilitating your spine as well as alleviate your back pain. Gentle exercises such as exercise biking can help to reduce your feelings and perception of pain.

Merits of low impact exercises like aerobics

When you practice aerobic exercises for a prolonged duration, nutrients and the blood flow gets stimulated to your affected back. That, in turn, accelerates the healing process and can reduce your stiffness of lower back.

For instance, walking is a popular form of low-impact exercise that offers an additional benefit of minimizing the jolt in your spine. Plus, you can also enjoy some of the other benefits mentioned below when you practice any low-impact exercise on a daily basis:

1. Increases production of endorphins, which can fight against your back pain

Not only does endorphin helps to reduce the degree of your back pain, it can also improve your physical abilities. Now, that signifies you will be able to pursue your hobbies as well as continue working.

2. Reduced dependence on pain-killers

Since endorphins are produced in large quantities when you practice any form of low-impact exercises, your dependence on off-the-shelf drugs or pain killers get reduced to get relief from your back pain. Your temperament or mood may also get better due to the increased level of endorphins on your body. Thus, you can also find your symptoms of depression going down. Incidentally, depression is a common condition when people suffer from acute or chronic back pain.

What are the various forms of low-impact aerobics?

It is natural for you to be curious about the kind of low-pact exercises that can help you to alleviate your back pain. Though walking is a great option, many people may not like it. Fortunately, though, there is a host of excellent alternatives for you. Some of them are as follows:

Stationary bike

Either you can buy a stationary bike to use it at your home itself, or get enrolled in a gym so that you can join your friends for gaining higher motivational levels.

Elliptical trainer

It is a gadget that alleviates the strain on a weak spine or a lower back since you need to move your legs continuously above the ground in an oval motion.

Water therapy

When you do this aerobic exercise in water or a swimming pool, it reduces the pressure on your affected lower back. The reason for this reduced strain is the gravitational effects are counteracted by water's buoyancy.

Irrespective of what form of low-intensity physical exercise you opt for, you should spend at least twenty minutes to practice it for 5 days a week. However, if you have not exercised before, you can start doing it for just five minutes and then increase the duration slowly.

It is a great idea to get in touch with your physician prior to pursuing any kind of exercise regime. Once your doctor gives you the green signal, you will see a marked difference in your back pain after some time.