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Conventional V/S Alternative Medicine

Our healthcare industry focuses on treating illnesses rather than maintaining health. Pain is countered by administering synthetic drugs that push it beyond the surface only to reappear again. It is not dealt with in a conclusive manner. Healthcare has become a business opportunity for medical professionals to offer short-term stop-gap solutions to their patients so they regularly frequent their clinics.

Conventional medicine is the basic sort of medicine every average physician practices. Alternative medicine, on the other hand, includes both philosophy and practice.

The 21st century has witnessed a rise in individuals opting for more organic and natural healthcare remedies instead of drug-based invasive therapeutic models. Conventional medication works expertly during crises situations but provide little respite for chronic illnesses. Emergency care suppresses our body’s inherent immune ability. Most diseases are a function of irregularities and malpractices in our daily lifestyle. Lower back pain, coronary heart diseases, high blood pressure, hormone imbalances, arthritis and osteoporosis are all closely interlinked to aging and lifestyle choices. You can save yourself from all the mental anguish and anxiety that comes from the continuous screening tests, medications and treatment plans by opting for alternative therapy. Atleast, you won’t be worrying yourself sick here.

Anxiety can slow down your body’s natural healing process by constricting your blood vessels, burdening your heart.


Alternative medicine practitioners and therapists believe that pain is the body’s way of signaling that there is something wrong with how you are conducting your body. It does not necessarily have to stand for a symptom of a graver disease. It can be indicative of excessive stress in your life or a warning that you are smoking/eating too much. Pain can alert the individual of his/her circumstances before it worsens any further, so they can have time to adjust themselves.


The cost of alternative therapy is much lesser than conventional therapy. Infact, not every health concern requires an expensive check-up. All you need to do is maintain a healthy diet and exercise daily.


Traditional medicine is widely available in markets offline and online. However, alternative medicine is slowly gaining popularity as an alternative.


Traditional medicine acts to weed out symptoms from a specific area. Alternative medicine tries to investigate the underlying cause behind your health condition and aims to improve your overall help.

Alternative Medicines

Massage therapy, aromatherapy, acupuncture and homeopathy are all alternative medicine practices. Their effectiveness comes into suspect as they are not certified by health and wellness authorization boards. Yet, any medical therapy should understand that every individual’s body is dynamic and there are no one-size-fits-all solutions that will miraculously work for every patient suffering from the same health complaint.

Unlike conventional medicine, the result of using alternative medicine has not been scientifically verified. However, this does not mean that alternative medicine and therapies were born short of careful study and research. The major difference between the two is that conventional medicine is known to work whereas the benefit earned from alternative medicine has still not been very clearly sketched out.