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Why Is Annual Preventive Health Checkup So Important?

Are you sure of leading a completely healthy lifestyle? The work-related stress can become too overwhelming so that people hardly get adequate time to pursue some kind of a physical activity to keep themselves fit. As a result, many people worldwide are suffering from conditions such as mental disturbances, different kinds of hormonal imbalances, diabetes, cancers and chronic heart ailments. However, all these conditions may be prevented these people plan well and execute a proper preventive health check-up so that a disease can be stopped from spreading. Thus, it is crucial to opt for monthly or yearly preventive health tests for increasing possibilities of cure and treatment. How frequently you will require assistance depends on various factors such as a person's family history, frequency of smoking and your age.

How has regular health check-up helped people?

According to WHO or World Health Organization, there has been a drop in the incidents related to chronic lifestyle diseases such as coronary heart diseases in the Western nations due to appropriate and timely preventive measures embraced by all these nations.

Similarly, the addition of routine immunization programs has been the exclusive reason for the disappearance of many diseases. Hence, WHO puts a strong emphasis on preventive measures including the practice of medicine that should get a preference over other things. The organization has come out with an estimation that about 60 to 70 percent of the diseases can be prevented with timely intervention and assessment.

For example, contrary to popular belief, a heart attack may occur due to slow accumulation or piling up of cholesterol in a person's blood vessels and may not be all of a sudden. A timely health check-up can ascertain your actual cholesterol count so that you can make appropriate changes in your diet to decrease your fat intake. It is always better to be informed about the demands of your body since it can help you to arrive at certain sensible decisions about your health.

Who needs to undergo preventive health tests?

An interesting observation has popped up from statistics that point out about many people who are in the age-group of 35 to 65 years are being negatively influenced by a number of lifestyle diseases. International consensus has recommended that women above 40-year-old and men above 35-year-old should particularly opt for annual health check-up tests.

If there is a strong history of a specific condition or disease in the family, the person concerned should begin screening tests a decade before the family's youngest member developed that specific condition like high blood pressure, coronary heart disease, diabetes mellitus, and cancers of the colon, prostate, breasts and so on.

Points to note prior to going for a routine health check-up that is preventive in nature

· There are many tests that are done on an empty stomach. There could be a fasting requirement of 10 to 15 hours minimum.

  • You should avoid wearing tight fitting clothes.
  • Try not to wear metallic objects or jewelery.

· Make sure to inform your physician if a pacemaker has been installed in your body.

Make sure your body offers you decisions of undergoing a proper health check-up. If you go through the right kind of treatments and services, it is easy to get a correct insight of your disease.