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These Regular Habits Can Cause Back Pain in Women

While the maximum numbers of people are affected by common cold, back pain definitely occupies the second spot in terms of the number of patients suffering from it. Plus, women have a greater probability of succumbing to back pain as compared to men. The reason for this disproportionate number is a woman tends to carry a bulky object more frequently. Women usually have to shoulder greater responsibility in taking care of their homes and families. They need to shop most of the times, do the cleaning and cooking. Thus, it is hardly surprising that a woman may neglect minor pains and aches until her back pain becomes too much to bear.

Check out these regular habits that may cause or aggravate back pain in women:

When you wear the wrong shoes

Although many modern women prefer wearing high heels as they look stylish, wearing them regularly may be harmful to the back. When a woman wears high heels, she has a tendency to arch her back more frequently and also tense up her muscles to get better balance. Plus, the muscles in her spine are compelled to work more than what is necessary. Such postures can eventually result in chronic back pain. Even shoes such as flip-flops, clogs, and mules are not good for your back if you are a woman. Your feet may slide around quite a lot, throwing your body completely off-balance. Rather, except for special occasions, you should be spending most of the time in shoes that support your back. Lightweight shoes offering good arch support and snickers help in maintaining flexibility and stability while ensuring that you do not experience back pain.

When you carry a baby or a toddler on your hip

Many new mothers are known to frequently complain that they are experiencing back pain. There is little wonder as a majority of them carry their little ones with a single arm and place them on their hips. It is a poor posture as only one hip sticks out. The posture causes your entire body to get lopsided. There is a greater risk of straining the ligaments and your back. The correct method would be holding your baby in front of the body while their legs should be wrapped around your waist.

When you overload your handbag or purse

Do you experience frequent upper back pain, neck pain or shoulder pain? It could be happening due to your handbag or purse being overstuffed. According to a recent study conducted by the British researchers, bulky handbags are a prime cause of neck pain and back pain in women. It is particularly true when women carry large bags, dangling them off a single shoulder. Research has even demonstrated that a heavy handbag may cause as much damage was caused by a sports injury. Such bags can restrict the natural movements of your body. It can also lead to wrong body posture causing trigger points and muscle imbalances. In order to counter this, you need to take out all those items from your bag or purses that are non-essentials. You may also contemplate using a bag resembling a backpack so that your body weight gets distributed in a more even manner.