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Why Is Bed Rest So Crucial During Your Back Pain?

There are times when your back pain is alleviated after taking bed rest for a while. If you are experiencing severe irritation in your spinal segment, your pain may aggravate when you continue straining it. After all, you may remember the famous dictum that pain makes pain. When you are in severe pain and it is beyond your control, you may worsen your condition by trying to battle it out. There could be a risk of secondary complications as the muscles of body react to the pain. That can make your underlying problem even worse in the long run.

When you try to keep going even in your situation of acute crisis, the defense mechanisms of your body may get disturbed, which in turn can have negative consequences at a later period. Your cable muscles located at the back of spine may go in a mode of automatic protection. As a result, the compression can make your spine go rigid, increasing the irritability even further. If you continue to overwork your affected spine, it can be tough to return to your painless state once again. Slowly, your back pain has a chance of reaching the chronic state.

Bed Rest Can Give You The Much-Needed Respite

However, you should also note in this context that taking bed rest is not the right option if you have been under the impression that it is a permanent choice. Yet, taking some time off and resting on the bed will definitely go a long way in giving you the much-needed respite when you are struggling at the peak of your crisis. The bed rest will prevent the pain from getting worse. But just do not get immersed in the luxury of staying in your bed forever.

When you are sure that the height of your crisis period has passed, you need to get your spine moving nicely again. It should be done preferably when you are on your back still so that the compressive impacts caused by the gravity can be eliminated.

It is an excellent idea to visit your physician and ask him or her to prescribe both anti-inflammatory medicines and muscle relaxant drugs together. Taking bed rest as well as the absence of your back pain can offer you the best possible platform to start with. From here, you can begin afresh with your affected back. You may even try to consume painkillers too to reduce your back pain. Meanwhile, indulging in some proper exercises to appease your spine is frequently what is required for you to handle your back problem.

Prolonged bed rest may not be good for both physical and mental health

However, whenever you are suffering from acute or chronic back pain, it is normal for you to feel that a relaxing period of bed rest is helpful in the short period of time. Yet, taking rest for prolonged time duration can actually expose you to even greater health problems in the long run. In fact, many experts warn that extended bed rest can expose patients to risks such as blood clots in the pelvis region or leg, digestive problems and muscle reconditioning. Plus, taking extended period of rest can make the patients feel isolated as well as being constrained to a single place. These situations are not good for the patients with back problems at all.