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Is Dehydration Causing You Back Pain?

Water can affect various cells and organs in your body. While you may be unaware of this, water has an enormous role to play for the proper health of your spine and back. When your body is not adequately hydrated, your back can get affected and become a cause of your back pain.

What May Happen If Your Body Is Not Hydrated Well?

If the inner portion of your body is not hydrated well, it will be unable to support the load share. As a result, there can be herniations, ruptures, swelling and even pain on the disk's outer shell. In simple words, one of the most effective and easiest ways of lowering your back pain is to boost your regular intake of healthy and clean water. However, it is equally important to flex your neck front and back all through the way from time to time. It also helps if you can indulge in daily light exercising.

However, if you want to stay away from back spasms, you must consume water prior to, during and post your physical activities. You should never wait to drink waste until you feel too thirsty. It means your body has already become dehydrated.

Some dieticians and physicians may advise you to drink around eight cups of water daily. However, it may not be applicable always as the drinking quantity may typically depend on the needs of the body, which may vary from individual to individual. A relevant example here will be an athlete who needs to drink more water as compared to someone else who does not belong to the same field. An athlete may lose more fluid from his or her body while exercising. Hence, they will have to replenish their body with more quantity of water.

A heavier person may require more water for ensuring that his or body remains adequately hydrated. You need to understand that the intake of coffee, tea or soda will not count although they contain water. After all, all these drinks constitute of either caffeine or sweeteners, which may actually dehydrate your body. Thus, it is better to curtail the intake of the number of beverages like these and focus on drinking more water. Rather, these drinks should be regarded as your desserts and avoid drinking them on a daily basis.

Follow these tips so that your body is properly hydrated and your back pain can be in control:

1. You should keep drinking water frequently and all through the day so that dehydration can be prevented.

2. Drink double the quantity of water that is needed for quenching your thirst.

3. When you work or exercise in hot climates, it is important to drink additional amount of water to stay hydrated.

Drinking water in sufficient quantity is an easy and preventive action for safeguarding your body against succumbing to back pain. In fact, it can even bring down your existing back pain. You need to just stretch your spine back and forward from time to time all through the day. Such a change in posture will be useful for re-hydrating your disks. You need to also give adequate water to your body. Thus, do not underestimate the power of water and drink it in sufficient quantity daily.