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How To Stay Away From Your Spine Pain During Cleaning?

Spring is a beautiful time of the year. It will also be the time when you should get ready to do a lot of hard work such as planting your garden pulling the weeds out and cleaning the gutters. Like most people around the world, you must also have a tendency to get more active physically as the weather outside gets warmer. On the flip side, such an increase in the physical activity may also have a damaging impact on your spine. Check out some of these simple tips to make sure that your back is free of injuries when you are in your spring cleaning mode.

Spine Care While Doing Spring Cleaning

Prior to starting any physical activity, you may need to give some consideration to your spine. So, a general awareness is extremely crucial. Do you feel some sort of a discomfort particularly in the spine when you have been slogging for a while now? In case you have succumbed to an acute back injury or the pain aggravates or when you feel that something is not quite right, you should fix an appointment with a good spine specialist at the earliest. However, if you feel that it is only a sprain or a strain that is bothering you, take care of your back injury with anti-inflammatory medications, ice therapy and rest. But when you do not find any improvement in your pain even after a few days despite taking such actions, you need to go for a thorough check-up to find out the problem's root cause.

Take Help Of A Friend For Cleaning

An extra pair of hands can not only help you in completing your work faster but can also be a support when you need to climb up the ladder. It is to ensure that you do not slip off accidentally while cleaning. Even a fall from some feet may be highly damaging to your spine.

Distribute The Work Into Smaller Tasks

You should never set up overambitious cleaning goals in a single day. Do not expect that all your cleaning tasks like emptying the work shed; cleaning the gutters and reseeding your lawn can be completed in a single day. Rather, break down your tasks day-wise or even week-wise so that your spine does not get overworked or strained. Take a brief break in between when your back begins to hurt you. However, if it still hurts, stop your cleaning activities for that day.

Correct Techniques Should Be Used

Are you transferring several bags containing soil to your backyard garden? Do you plan to remove bulky gadgets from the garage? If yes, you should ensure that you are using correct techniques for lifting such items. You should bend your knees instead of the waist. If you need to move even bulkier items, you can request your friends to help in moving such objects. When your back gets twisted or torque at improper or unhealthy angles, the likelihood of hurting a portion of your spine increases.

Stretch Your Body

It is extremely vital prior to any kind of physical property since stretching enables easing of your tissues and muscles into a proper active state. You can begin your stretching session with the neck and head and then do it for the spine and legs.