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Your Superior Should Know These Things about Your Lower Back Pain

No two employers are the same and yet if you suffer from chronic lower back pain, you can perhaps bring down your frustrations at the workplace by sharing the following details about your discomfort with your superior.

Your lower back pain cannot be cured by a magic or a miracle

While you should appreciate when your coworkers and superior offer suggestions on treatment, they should be also be made to understand that your back pain cannot get completely cured by magic. It is especially true when you are suffering from chronic back pain. In fact, the truth is that you have been trying different kinds of treatment procedures so that your lower back pain can be alleviated. While some were of a little help, others just did not work at all. Hence, it is neither feasible nor desirable that you look forward to directing conversations or emails from your superior and coworkers regarding the most recent lower back treatments.

Rather than encouraging frequent treatment suggestions, you will perhaps benefit more from encouragement and positive support. In fact, a kind note or a sympathetic word is much more useful than receiving news of some new treatment procedures your colleague came across the net. Very often, it is a small personal touch, which offers the best comfort, particularly on a hectic day.

You may require special accommodation arrangements at your workplace

You may have to sit in a chair for several hours at a stretch and that may be really bad for your lower back. In order to make yourself more comfortable and reduce your lower back pain, you could request your superior to supply you with an alternative seating arrangement. For instance, you may get relief to some extent when you use any one of these:

  • Exercise ball
  • Kneeling chair
  • Balance stool
  • Stand-up desk
Combat sedentary effects of office jobs

Plus, your pain may be alleviated when an ergonomic chair is arranged for you in the office. Although these chairs can be expensive, it can be helpful for reducing your back pain and make you more productive and efficient as a worker. Thus, a superior quality office chair will be worth the investment in the long-run.

There are good days and there will be bad days too

There may be some days when you feel reasonably better. If your colleagues or boss see you working on those days, they may feel that you are completely cured of your back pain. However, the truth is that when a person suffers from chronic back pain, there are some days, which are always better than other days. To put it even more simply, your superior has got every right to know that while you function very well on some days, it does not signify that your pain has disappeared forever. So, they would realize that you may not be pain-free even when you have a smiling face. There will be several occasions when you will find that you are unable to climb down your bed the very next day. At the same time, it is also imperative that your boss knows you will never let your pain or discomfort spoil your happiness and efficiency.

Visit Phoenix Family Medical Clinic to learn more about how to combat back pain from office and other sitting jobs.