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Many young athletes face knee related problems which is actually a common problem and is the consequence of overuse and acute injuries. Today, knee braces are being used to cure different kinds of knee injuries. They are often recommended also as a preventive measure to combat knee injuries, The aim of a knee brace is to

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Older Woman Gets Physical Therapy ofr Knee Pain

It has been observed quite often that older people suffer more from knee pain and yet if you are one of them, you need not worry. Some changes in your lifestyle can go a long way in reducing your knee pain.


Moreover, many studies have proved that middle-aged and older women complain more of knee pain than their younger counterparts. A study recently conducted came out with a finding that more than two-thirds of women who are aged fifty and older have experienced some sort of a knee pain, either intermittent, chronic or even once.

The finding also claimed

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Many of you must be aware that people who are actively involved in some kind of recreational activities or sports are more vulnerable to knee injuries than people in other professions. But most of you may not know that as compared to male athletes, their female counterparts’ face greater peril with respect to knee injuries in sports such as hockey, lacrosse, basketball and soccer.

There are many studies that have claimed that females are more exposed more to the threat of knee related injuries. One of these studies suggested that

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Today there are millions of people all over the world who have to undergo surgery for their knee replacement. In the United States alone, there are more than six hundred thousand of people who go through this particular surgery. But despite the increasing popularity of the knee replacement surgery, there are many people who have certain misconceptions related to this procedure and recovery. Check out some of the top myths related to knee replacement surgeries.

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Discover the Convenience of Our Extended Clinic Hours in Surprise and South Phoenix, AZ

Phoenix Family Medical has made some changes to two of our key locations. Our Surprise clinic and our South Phoenix clinic in Laveen, AZ will both be open longer to accommodate both West Valley and South Phoenix residents. This will provide our patients with access to medical care during extended hours.

Our Laveen clinic is the newest addition to our network of Phoenix medical centers. Here you will find the same outstanding level of care and patient services as our pre-existing locations. At this location, we now provide the following services:

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Runner’s knee can be a real painful condition for people who are affected by the ailment. But what is it actually? Its medical term is Patellofemoral pain syndrome and is the most widely found running conditions among the known ones. When a person suffers from a runner’s knee, he or she experiences a dull pain near the top or behind the kneecap.


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There are many people around the world who have suffered from some form of knee injuries at some point in their lives. While in a majority of scenarios, body movements may not be the actual reason for a knee injury. Rather, knee problems could occur due to injuries, excessive stress or regular wear and tear. People are also known to suffer from knee injuries or knee related problems while indulging in recreational activities or sports or even while undertaking certain projects at home.

Did you know that among the various joints in your body, you knee is the largest one? If you are aging, into active sports or other forms of recreational activities or suffering from conditions such as arthritis, there is a greater likelihood of facing knee related problems.

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Laveen medical clinic near 35th Ave and Baseline Rd

Our family-friendly medical clinic in Laveen, AZ turns a year old this month! Just in the past year, we can see the difference our clinic has made in meeting the primary care needs of local residents. Otherwise, many patients would need to travel about 10 to 15 minutes into the Phoenix area to seek medical care. Phoenix Family Medical helps meet this need by having a clinic right at the convenient and busy intersection of 35th Ave. and Baseline Rd.

Our family-friendly clinic provides a variety of services, including in-house laboratory tests. This allows our providers to have

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While it is true that knee pain can occur to people in any age group, studies have proved that older people are more susceptible to such pains as compared to people in the younger age group. But do not panic if you fall within the older age group and are experiencing knee pain. Some healthy ye simple lifestyle habits can alter and all that.

To be precise, research conducted all over the world have time and again found out that such ailments are more prevalent in people who fall in the age group of sixty-five or even older than that. It is a more alarming phenomenon among ladies who are in the age group of fifty or more. In fact, studies have concluded that there is a direct correlation between the number of steps that are taken by a person and the condition of his or her knees.

Along with aging, there are some other specific contributors that are prevalent among

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Today, yoga has gained immense popularity all over the world in curing various ailments, particularly for treatment of back pains. While it is true that there may not be a single and standard treatment that may work for all patients, yoga has several aspects making it apt for treating neck pain and back pain. For instance, there are various researches and studies conducted that have exhibited that people who are into regular yoga sessions and that means for even twice each week for two months or more have helped them in making noticeable improvements in endurance, flexibility of muscles and body strength.

After all, these are the fundamental objectives of a majority rehabilitation programs for both neck pain and back pain. In fact, many studies have also proved that regular yoga sessions are more effective as compared to even taking usual and frequent care for the improvement of back functioning. In other words, it signifies that yoga helps in reducing problems related to backs that can disrupt regular activities such as climbing steps, standing, walking and so on.

Moreover, another advantage of yoga is that it alleviates stress and is an extremely good exercise for relaxing your mind. Another nice thing about is that learning and practicing yoga is not very difficult so anyone can pick them up pretty fast.

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As Spring comes, sports-related injuries and back pain quickly start rising. According to an estimate, approximately 30 percent of athletes suffer from back pain at some point or the other while they are actively involved in their sport. This phenomenon is not something unusual in the field of sports related injuries.


In many cases, back pain in players may not be that serious and can be conditioned after minor treatment. Small actions like staying away from activities that could be aggravating a player’s back pain or gentle stretching go a long way towards alleviating back pains in sportsmen who suffer from minor back pain. But if a sportsman finds that the back pain is too much for him or her, it is always recommended to approach a physician before it can get worse.


Here are some of the easy ways that players can deploy for preventing back pain.

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The degree or the frequency of back pain may vary from individual to individual. While some people may feel mild back pain, others may find it too severe to do their routine work while the pain persists. There are various reasons why you may be vulnerable to back pain. Some such causes are mentioned below:


Back pain due to injuries

Often a person ails from injuries or back related problems due to

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One of the most common medical complaints across the world today is none other than back pain. The ailment is also one of the major reasons why many people miss work and try to get rest. There are different reasons why you may suffer from back pain. Most probably, the real reason is a mechanical one. Now, that means that the cause of a back pain is a trauma due to your spine getting strained all of a sudden. However, you should also note that your back pain may be also due to a more severe condition which is medically termed as ankylosing spondylitis.

Contrary to other types of back pain, the cause of AS, or ankylosing spondylitis, is not a sudden trauma in your spine. In fact, this is

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There are many women who suffer from back pain during their periods. While for some it can be a mild pain, for others the pain can be severe.

If you are one of these women and suffer from the same condition, have you ever pondered why such a pain occurs immediately before the menstrual cycle or while the period is going on?

Do you experience such pain even after your period gets over?

When a woman or a girl is having her menstrual cycle, back pain or cramp in the abdomen can be experienced; such a condition is known as Dysmenorrhea in medical terms.

This condition of abdominal cramping and/or back pain is medically termed Dysmenorrhea. This ailment causes lower or upper back pain when a woman is having her period.

Though, such a pain can be severe, it is not to be worried about too much and goes away just some days after occurring.  But although it is not a serious issue, the condition can be quite painful and women who suffer from such a back pain usually look for cure or a treatment.

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Boy Being Silly during Sports Physical with Family Doctor

This back-to-school season, our health clinics throughout Phoenix, AZ are offering students an amazing deal on sports physicals. For only $20, you get a complete physical evaluation, so bring your athletic release forms for cheerleading, band, dance, sports, and other physically active extracurricular programs. This will let you participate in your club or sport for the entire year.

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Some studies have indicated that even if any correlation does exist between your back pain and body posture, it is quite a weak one. On the other hand there are there are some other studies that have indicated that factors such as smoking, excessive stress, educational level, job satisfaction and exercise are correlated to low back pain. Even though there is some relationship between bad posture and back pain, it should not be a causal link. In many cases pain is the reason to have a bad posture and the reverse is not correct.

If bad posture does cause back pain, there is a solid reason to infer that correction of that posture is possible. However, here are some of the arguments to point out that there is no link between posture and pain.

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Addressing Lower Back Pain at Phoenix Family Clinic

If you are one of those innumerable people who suffer from pain in their lower back, you will definitely know the effects and the problems that are associated with such pains. But such pains can affect you in several ways. Moreover how your life has got affected, also depends on the severity or degree of your back pain.

It is quite helpful to know some of those areas that get affected due to your lower back pain before they can endanger your way of leading life. Such knowledge will be also helpful for minimizing, preventing and protecting you from these effects in the future days.

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When prospective employees look for a job, they focus on the job description, company and skills required. They often can forget that the employer may require health screening tests to determine ability to perform in the position and work environment. Here are some types of medical tests that will impact your employment screening.

Drug Testing from Blood, Urine or Other Specimen

This is the most common type of employment screening. Employers often test for alcohol and drug use, like opiates, benzos and recreational/illegal drugs. As a background screening test, it helps employers determine an individual’s personal responsibility. When requested at random,

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American Pregnancy Association has come out with a finding that about 50 to 70% of pregnant women may have back pain at some stage of their pregnancy. However, simply because it is a common phenomena does not mean that you take it for granted and do not worry about it all.

Here are some of the easy remedies that will help your body be comfortable when your baby is growing inside you.

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Chronic pain is any pain that lasts for over a few months. There are some forms of chronic pains that are not curable at all. However, one can still find relief after undergoing treatment.

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