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Phoenix Family Medical Clinic continues to grow with more clinics Valley-wide. We now have a clinic within close driving distance for East Valley and South Phoenix residents. To help accommodate the growing patient base, we opened the Laveen clinic in South Phoenix in September 2015. Today, this location is one of our fastest-growing clinics, has low wait times, and accepts walk-in patients.

Directions to Laveen Family Medical Clinic

Our clinic in Laveen can be found at the corner of 35th Avenue and Baseline Road. The area is surrounded by several new home communities, and this area is quickly growing. If you work in downtown Phoenix or in the West Valley, we are on your way home, just minutes south of the I-10.

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Are you one of those innumerable people suffering from chronic back pain? If yes, New Year is the ideal time for making some changes in your lifestyle so that your back pain can be controlled.

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Winters come packed with fun and holidays. It is also the time of the year when we are most susceptible to cold, flu, and dehydration. Thus, planning a food chart that packs in all the goodness that will replenish our bodies and keep us fit and immune is indispensible. Here are some nutrition and lifestyle tips for winter that can help you stay healthy, warm, and hydrated.


Soup can be a perfect meal all by itself. Soups pack in the nutrition in the stock of the ingredients it has been prepared with. The water content is a great way to stay hydrated, too. The warm liquid washing down the throat also helps soothe sore throats during cold winters. You can use any good soup mix that are available in the market, for the base and add some vegetables and lentils of your liking to turn it in to a yummy broth. Chicken soup especially is known for its restorative powers and soup in general is a super food when it comes to boost your immune system.

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Arthritis is extremely common among the elderly, but is also prevalent among adults and children as well, During the years 2010-2012, about 50 percent of the people above 65 years of age and older were diagnosed with some form of arthritis in their joints. There are over 100 different types of arthritis and knowing the right type is of utmost importance to carry out proper treatment and care.

Understanding Arthritis

Arthritis is referred to any pain that is caused due to inflammation in the joints. Arthritis, though a common occurrence among the elderly can be found in people of any age, race and gender. It is considered a cause of disability and one of the leading causes of disability in the US.

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There are ample opportunities provided during the holiday season for improving your health. However, it can also aggravate feelings of despair and frustration that are usually part of handling your chronic back pain.

While the assurance of a stress-free holiday cannot be given by anyone, check out these helpful tips on ways of handling this particular season when you have acute back pain.

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When you are looking for a medical clinic in the Metro Phoenix area, many questions come up in the search and enrollment process. More often than not, your search is limited to providers that work with your insurance plan. Other factors that influence your decision likely include the following:

  • Proximity to your home, school and workplace
  • Family doctor services available
  • Referral procedures
  • Affiliated local urgent care clinics/hospitals for emergencies
  • Here at Phoenix Family Medical Clinic, our family doctors and support staff understand that as a new patient, you have many questions.

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    One of the key reasons for many people to visit a doctor is a persistent back pain. While for many this pain may disappear on its own, the usual recovery time for several affected people is about a week or a fortnight. The usual tendency for the patients is to rest in their beds if their back troubles them. In the past, it was a common advice to get bed rest to alleviate the pain. However, currently, many studies suggest minimum bed rest and also warn that resting in bed for more than two days may delay the process of your recovery rather than reducing it.

    Your back has several muscles that function together around the lower back for providing the necessary support and helping in different kinds of movements. Some of them are your oblique, flexor and extensor muscles, In case any of these muscles in your lower back gets injured, taking rest for a few days can be helpful in healing.

    But taking rest for more than 48 hours may

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    Back pain can be quite a traumatic experience at times for many, However, the good news is that it is possible to keep your back healthy and in right shape,

    Check out these tips for keeping your back healthy, so that you do not suffer from back pain or back injury.

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    Well Woman Exam Consultation with Family Doctor

    Being a mom in today’s healthcare world is quite overwhelming. First, you have a pediatrician for your kids, an OB/GYN for your own needs, and elderly parents may have a variety of different specialists, each with their own separate office and billing policies. What if it could be easier? What if you could replace most of your family’s doctors at one location? Phoenix Family Medical Clinic strives to be your one-stop clinic for a variety of health care services. We want to help you replace many of the wellness checks done at “specialty” doctor offices with a wide variety of services available at any of our five clinics.

    In the hustle of your day-to-day routine, your own personal health can suffer. Many women forego a wellness exam for themselves in favor of scheduling appointments for the kids and juggling busy schedules. Everyone over the age of 18 should have

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    Many young athletes face knee related problems which is actually a common problem and is the consequence of overuse and acute injuries. Today, knee braces are being used to cure different kinds of knee injuries. They are often recommended also as a preventive measure to combat knee injuries, The aim of a knee brace is to

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    Older Woman Gets Physical Therapy ofr Knee Pain

    It has been observed quite often that older people suffer more from knee pain and yet if you are one of them, you need not worry. Some changes in your lifestyle can go a long way in reducing your knee pain.


    Moreover, many studies have proved that middle-aged and older women complain more of knee pain than their younger counterparts. A study recently conducted came out with a finding that more than two-thirds of women who are aged fifty and older have experienced some sort of a knee pain, either intermittent, chronic or even once.

    The finding also claimed

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    Many of you must be aware that people who are actively involved in some kind of recreational activities or sports are more vulnerable to knee injuries than people in other professions. But most of you may not know that as compared to male athletes, their female counterparts’ face greater peril with respect to knee injuries in sports such as hockey, lacrosse, basketball and soccer.

    There are many studies that have claimed that females are more exposed more to the threat of knee related injuries. One of these studies suggested that

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    Today there are millions of people all over the world who have to undergo surgery for their knee replacement. In the United States alone, there are more than six hundred thousand of people who go through this particular surgery. But despite the increasing popularity of the knee replacement surgery, there are many people who have certain misconceptions related to this procedure and recovery. Check out some of the top myths related to knee replacement surgeries.

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    Discover the Convenience of Our Extended Clinic Hours in Surprise and South Phoenix, AZ

    Phoenix Family Medical has made some changes to two of our key locations. Our Surprise clinic and our South Phoenix clinic in Laveen, AZ will both be open longer to accommodate both West Valley and South Phoenix residents. This will provide our patients with access to medical care during extended hours.

    Our Laveen clinic is the newest addition to our network of Phoenix medical centers. Here you will find the same outstanding level of care and patient services as our pre-existing locations. At this location, we now provide the following services:

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    Runner’s knee can be a real painful condition for people who are affected by the ailment. But what is it actually? Its medical term is Patellofemoral pain syndrome and is the most widely found running conditions among the known ones. When a person suffers from a runner’s knee, he or she experiences a dull pain near the top or behind the kneecap.


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    There are many people around the world who have suffered from some form of knee injuries at some point in their lives. While in a majority of scenarios, body movements may not be the actual reason for a knee injury. Rather, knee problems could occur due to injuries, excessive stress or regular wear and tear. People are also known to suffer from knee injuries or knee related problems while indulging in recreational activities or sports or even while undertaking certain projects at home.

    Did you know that among the various joints in your body, you knee is the largest one? If you are aging, into active sports or other forms of recreational activities or suffering from conditions such as arthritis, there is a greater likelihood of facing knee related problems.

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    Laveen medical clinic near 35th Ave and Baseline Rd

    Our family-friendly medical clinic in Laveen, AZ turns a year old this month! Just in the past year, we can see the difference our clinic has made in meeting the primary care needs of local residents. Otherwise, many patients would need to travel about 10 to 15 minutes into the Phoenix area to seek medical care. Phoenix Family Medical helps meet this need by having a clinic right at the convenient and busy intersection of 35th Ave. and Baseline Rd.

    Our family-friendly clinic provides a variety of services, including in-house laboratory tests. This allows our providers to have

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    While it is true that knee pain can occur to people in any age group, studies have proved that older people are more susceptible to such pains as compared to people in the younger age group. But do not panic if you fall within the older age group and are experiencing knee pain. Some healthy ye simple lifestyle habits can alter and all that.

    To be precise, research conducted all over the world have time and again found out that such ailments are more prevalent in people who fall in the age group of sixty-five or even older than that. It is a more alarming phenomenon among ladies who are in the age group of fifty or more. In fact, studies have concluded that there is a direct correlation between the number of steps that are taken by a person and the condition of his or her knees.

    Along with aging, there are some other specific contributors that are prevalent among

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    Today, yoga has gained immense popularity all over the world in curing various ailments, particularly for treatment of back pains. While it is true that there may not be a single and standard treatment that may work for all patients, yoga has several aspects making it apt for treating neck pain and back pain. For instance, there are various researches and studies conducted that have exhibited that people who are into regular yoga sessions and that means for even twice each week for two months or more have helped them in making noticeable improvements in endurance, flexibility of muscles and body strength.

    After all, these are the fundamental objectives of a majority rehabilitation programs for both neck pain and back pain. In fact, many studies have also proved that regular yoga sessions are more effective as compared to even taking usual and frequent care for the improvement of back functioning. In other words, it signifies that yoga helps in reducing problems related to backs that can disrupt regular activities such as climbing steps, standing, walking and so on.

    Moreover, another advantage of yoga is that it alleviates stress and is an extremely good exercise for relaxing your mind. Another nice thing about is that learning and practicing yoga is not very difficult so anyone can pick them up pretty fast.

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    As Spring comes, sports-related injuries and back pain quickly start rising. According to an estimate, approximately 30 percent of athletes suffer from back pain at some point or the other while they are actively involved in their sport. This phenomenon is not something unusual in the field of sports related injuries.


    In many cases, back pain in players may not be that serious and can be conditioned after minor treatment. Small actions like staying away from activities that could be aggravating a player’s back pain or gentle stretching go a long way towards alleviating back pains in sportsmen who suffer from minor back pain. But if a sportsman finds that the back pain is too much for him or her, it is always recommended to approach a physician before it can get worse.


    Here are some of the easy ways that players can deploy for preventing back pain.

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