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Do you often experience tremendous pain in your wrist, elbow or hip? There are a lot of possibilities that you may be suffering from arthritis. But you need to understand that is not only a single condition. It is also possible to beat this condition with some conscious efforts on your part.

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We’ve all been there; suddenly spiking a fever, you or a family member is in need of a splint, or needing a quick visit to consult a physician. In these types of scenarios, you have two options: drive to an ER or visit a nearby walk-in clinic. What is the difference and when should you choose one over the other?

Comparing time and cost

There are two major differences between an emergency room and a walk-in clinic – time and cost. The cost of visiting a walk-in clinic group of patients wait for medical care in urgent care clinicgenerally averages between $65 and $150, while an emergency room visit varies around $1,000-$1,500. For most Arizona families, the differences in ER vs. walk-in clinic are

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When you have been into active athletics for many years, it may take a toll on your body. When one is into competitive athletics, the knee injury is one of the worst conditions that can be faced by the players. Moreover, what is worrisome is that when a player had a fall in the field, he or she should immediately rush to the hospital or not. If you are into active sports and have hurt your knees, you may have a wishful thinking that you do not need to visit a doctor and find out if something is wrong or not. However, who knows! Your knee injury could be actually serious. So, if you experience any of the following telltale symptoms, you should not neglect your knees anymore.

When swollen knees are a problem

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If you frequently suffer from pain during night time, it can lead to a negative cycle. Since the terrible pain would hamper your sleep, its absence can slow down your body's natural healing process. In fact, this process may even stop altogether. Moreover, if there is a complete absence of sleep or your sleep gets highly curtailed, the coping skill 8f your body also gets curtailed to a great extent.

Since the rehabilitation process of your body can get affected due to lack of sleep, there could be a big increase in the effect of your back pain. Hence, it is really crucial for you to concentrate on ways of easing your back pain while you lie down at night time. Very often, you may even suffer from anxiety due to pain at night time. This may be also accompanied by other emotions like severe worries.

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It is really exciting to travel to exotic destinations with your dear ones during the summers. However, at times, traveling long distances can be a real pain. For instance, the seats in an airplane are primarily designed to provide safety to the passengers rather than offering them great comfort. There are several airplane seats that do not provide support for your lumbar and eventually your back is in a "C" position, which can be quite uncomfortable during the long flight. Moreover, some airlines do not provide sufficient legroom for most travelers, especially got those who heights are more than 6 feet tall. Here are some safety tips to ensure that your back is comfortable and does not make you suffer while you are traveling to your holiday destination.

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Temperatures are already soaring high for the Phoenix metropolitan area, and when it does, more health concerns can start becoming problematic. While for some people summers are synonymous with going out on vacations, spending long hours by the pool, evening barbecues and get-together with family and friends, for others who suffer from migraine. It could mean agonies lasting for days due to those intense attacks.

There are many experts who claim that there are a number of reasons why summer is the most dreadful season as far as your migraine attacks are concerned. This is the time when many people suffer from conditions like changes in routines, stress letdown, summer storms and allergies. But, no matter whatever could be the reason, the following tips will help you to prepare yourself against migraine attacks during a summer so that you can enjoy long and lazy days relaxing.

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There is a misconception that only elderly people suffer from knee-related problems, which is not true at all. This is a condition that can affect people belonging to different age-groups. There can be various causes for your knee pain from an injury due to arthritis. It is important to find out what is causing discomfort in your knees. When your knee pain is severe, it can result in mobility problems or inflammation. If you are suffering from knee pain, you should find out the exact cause of your knee pain so that you can avail a proper treatment. It is also crucial to know how the knee functions before learning the common causes of knee pain.

Your knee joins the upper leg's bones to the bones of your lower legs. Bending your legs is possible due to your knees and it also offers stability for supporting your body's weight. Your knee also helps in motions like turning, jumping, crouching, running and walking.

Your knee can do its jobs with the help of several other body parts. This includes your tendons, ligaments, muscles, cartilage and bones. These parts can be vulnerable to injuries and diseases that can result in severe knee pain.

Our List of Five Most Common Knee Pain Causes

There are various common causes due to which you can suffer from a knee pain. Some of them include conditions like disorders in connective tissue, degenerative disorders, metabolic problems, infection, and trauma. Some of them will be discussed in detail here.

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keep your phoenix medical center doctor appointment

The best family clinics throughout Central and South Phoenix will always put the patients' health ahead of any other consideration by providing the most up-to-date treatments as well as consistent and reliable service. The best way for patients to return the favor, as well as keep their own best interests at heart, is to avoid breaking appointments at their Phoenix medical center whenever possible.

Next time you schedule an appointment with any of the top health clinics Phoenix has to offer, make sure to remember the importance of saving the date. Here are a few of the top reasons why.

Keep the Dialogue Going

It is hard to underestimate the power of a good doctor-patient relationship. While patients should always be able to expect good treatment from any health professional, ensuring that you have an established rapport with your primary doctor means getting that extra bit of attention. It could mean getting

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anti aging medical care for older couple hugging each other and smiling

Aging is something that is inevitable in life and its signs will start appearing at dime point in each person's life. However, this does not signify that it is impossible to hide the symptoms of aging. It is still possible to retain a youthful appearance for several years so that the people who are around you will be unable to judge your actual age. In today's world, the medical technology has made tremendous progress to give you a youthful look. However, there are also innumerable natural means to keep the aging signs at bay.

Prior to looking out for your treatment choices, you should know the signs of aging. It becomes simpler for you to select an appropriate treatment option once you are aware of the signs of aging.

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Fatigue can be caused due to different types of illnesses like psychological diseases or even infections. It is recommended to consult your physician when you are experiencing excessive or persistent fatigue.CFS or Chronic Fatigue Syndrome is featured by excessiveness tiredness or fatigue that does not get cured even after taking rest. Moreover, many times it is difficult to explain it through an underlying medical condition.

Usually, symptoms of CFS or Chronic Fatigue Syndrome appear all of a sudden. However, in some patients, the condition builds up gradually over several months or weeks. In fact, it is interesting to note that there may be a change in the symptoms within a day or between days. Often, the symptoms tend to exhibit remission or stop and then they relapse or start once again.

The symptoms of CFS cover a wide range. However, there is a basic set of symptoms, which may affect almost anyone who has CFS. The list of such core symptoms are as follows.

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Our Phoenix and Laveen-area doctors are here to help you with almost all your health needs, regardless of whether or not you have proof of insurance. Our no-insurance clinic services are what make Phoenix Family Medical Clinic a vital source of medical care for valley residents, especially with all the changes going on in America’s healthcare system. We provide many services for Valley residents, from pediatric care and women’s health to anti-aging treatments and much more. Here are some of the top reasons Phoenix residents visit our walk-in clinics.

Cold and Flu Symptoms

Without fail, cold, flu and allergy symptoms top the list for pretty much every family medical clinic in Phoenix and throughout the nation.

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As summer approaches and the length of the day increases, many people enjoy the fun activities the season has to offer. But the story is slightly different for people who suffer from back pain. While for some people the warmer temperatures mean relief from their back pain, others are known to struggle due to the scorching heat. Though there is no solid evidence to prove a direct connection between joint or back pain and the weather. But, nevertheless many people keep claiming that barometric pressure. Humidity or heat has made a difference in their magnitude of pain either for worse or for better.

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There are millions of people who suffer from back pain all over the world. In case you are one of those who have also been suffering from back pain, you must be well-aware how tough it is to handle that pain, ascertain the cause of the back problem and eventually find the correct treatment to cure you. The problem is until and unless the correct cause is determined, you do not know what kind of treatment will work for you. It is clear that proper diagnosis and correct treatment plan are strongly correlated. So it is imperative for you to learn some of those facts due to which it can be difficult to diagnose your back pain. Here are some of those big reasons for which your back pain can be difficult to cure and diagnose:

Challenges related to diagnostics

As far as the diagnostic tests are concerned, there can be various issues. The most prominent among them is that the accurate cause of your back pain cannot be ascertained from a single diagnostic test.

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If you want to cure yourself of a condition like sciatica, you should be aware of the causes of your pain. If too much pressure on your sciatic nerve is the cause got your sciatic pain, then any of the following causes mentioned below can be the culprit.

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When you are suffering from a back pain, which may be due to some kind of reversible problems, your ache may subside within done hours or days despite the severity. But when you find that your back pain is persisting and is bringing certain other crucial changes, the situation could be riskier if left untreated for a long time.

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Cold and rainy Arizona winters often lend to a rough flu and allergy season. This season usually reaches its peak in late February and early March. This is largely due to the shift in weather to warmer temperatures, which promotes the rapid growth of plants and pollen. Fluctuations in temperature also weaken immune systems, leaving more people vulnerable to catching a cold, or worse, the flu.

Phoenix family medical wants to be your flu and allergy clinic. Our board certified family providers are well-versed in vaccinations, flu prevention and allergy treatment. Here are some tips from our doctors to help you get through this rough Arizona flu and allergy season.

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man complains of lower back pain

When you have a stiff back, completing a simple task can also be difficult. It is natural for you to find out what is the cause so that you can get the right treatment to alleviate your back pain.

In order to help you in the journey of your pain-relief, check out these top reasons of having a stiff back.

The stiffness in your back can be due to facet joint osteoarthritis - When your back stiffness is in its worst state in the morning and late evening, there may be a possibility that you are ailing from facet joint osteoarthritis. It can cause stiffness in your back leading to the breakdown of

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Your life can be highly impacted when you suffer from chronic back pain. Not only does your career and social life get affected, your hobbies and family also tend to take a back seat. However, when you become an informed patient, you can cope up with the pain in a better manner.

Keeping that benefit in mind, some lesser known but important insights into your back pain that are mentioned below should help you when you start your treatment.

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Even if people suffer from chronic back pain, there are very few who would like to undergo a surgery unless it is absolutely necessary. Though some conditions can be cured only with a surgery, the majority of patients will prefer to go for conservative care and preventive measures. You should consult a physician for knowing the exact back condition. So, here are some top tips to keep your back healthy.

Undergo Physical Therapy to Prevent Muscle Stiffness

It is very similar to exercising in the sense that both these activities promote the development of muscles. However, the difference is that physical therapy can control your problem areas such as the back. The activity is excellent for conditions such as sciatica pain or bulging discs since it helps to relieve pressure or compression in the affected area. You need to consult your physician about the exact physical therapies that should be done for your back condition. Do not just practice them when you are in the clinic. These low-impact exercises should be done every day.

Exercise Regularly for Blood Circulation and Atrophy Prevention

Many people feel that restricting certain activities and taking rest are some of the most appropriate measures to reduce their back pain. Though these techniques can prevent you from over stressing your back, exercises, if done under expert guidance, can make the affected muscle groups and structures stronger. Moreover, exercise can help to improve the blood circulation and deliver more oxygenated blood in the affected area. However, if you feel that your spine is getting exhausted after the normal exercise, you can opt for aqua aerobics to reduce pressure on the back.

Change Diet and Attempt to Lose Weight for Back Benefits

When you have a proper and healthy diet regularly, the health of your back can get improved. Food items that are rich in fat or sugar or junk food can lead to inflammation of the spine. This can further cause compression or pain in the affected spine. When your diet is healthy, you can also maintain a proportionate weight that makes sure you are not overstressing your back.

When to Seek Spinal Manipulation

Is the pain in your back due to an alignment issue? If that is the case, spinal manipulation or chiropractic can be useful for your spine realignment and to avoid a surgery. However, this technique is not useful if you have a muscle tear or a spinal fracture. But if it an issue of disc alignment or a pinched nerve, an expert professional may do wonders.

Last Resort: Joint Pain Injections

Contrary to some of the other options mentioned here, this is something you would not be able to do on your own to improve your back condition. Nevertheless, joint pain injections can be quite useful to calm your pain due to a compressed or irritated nerve. Since there are different types of injections that are available, you must approach a reputed spine specialist to exactly determine the cause of your back pain before going ahead with a particular injection. While injections may not offer complete relief, there are some that can give you long-term or short-term relief based on the exact cause of your back pain.

Phoenix Family Medical Clinic has five board-certified locations throughout metro Phoenix. We are well-prepared to help you assess and treat your back for chronic back pain or periodic muscle strains. Learn more about our providers today.

When you are familiar with the probable reasons for your back pain, you can give a better communication with your physician. That will, in turn, lead to quicker recovery and faster diagnosis. Check out some of the most unexpected causes of back pains that can interfere with your healthy living.

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